Standard and commercial pricing is for one song used in one project and is covered forever.

$37 STANDARD LICENSE info_outline

Online, live events, and/or internal
  • Wedding Video Project
  • Social Event Video Project (non-commercial)
  • Crowdfunding (Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, etc.)
  • Personal Project
  • Youtube Creator Video Project
  • Podcast or Podcast Theme Song
  • Youtube Creator Web Series Theme Song
  • Non-Profit Video
  • Student Film (including theatrical use)
  • Film Festival (including theatrical use)

$77 COMMERCIAL LICENSE info_outline

Online, live events, and/or internal
  • Corporate Video
  • Business Video
  • Commercial Video
  • Advertisement Video
  • Trade Show Video
  • Movie or Film (under $1,000,000 budget)
  • Movie Trailer (under $1,000,000 budget)
  • Show or Episode (under $1,000,000 budget)
  • Documentary (under $1,000,000 budget)
  • Mobile App or Mobile Video Game
  • In-Store Promotion

Custom license info_outline

Everything else
  • Terrestrial TV, Digital TV
  • Airline TV
  • Satellite TV, Cable TV
  • Pay TV, VOD TV
  • Console Video Game
  • Subscription Platform (Netflix, Hulu, etc)
  • Single Fee TV Platform (iTunes, etc)
  • Terrestrial Radio, Satellite Radio
  • Online Project over $1,000,000 Budget
  • Theater Production (excluding film festivals & student films)