Interview with Video Recovery Company Aero Quartet

If you have an emergency with corrupt video files and need video recovery immediately, please visit Aero Quartet website.

I had the opportunity of interviewing Benoît Joossen, the founder of an incredible video recovery company called Aero Quartet. I used their services 5 years ago when I had a corrupt video file. I recall trying many different solutions but AreoQuartet was the only service that was able to recover my video date 100%.

My interview lasted almost an hour but it’s filled with gold. Here are the chapters if you want to skip to what you want:

  • 1:36 – About AeroQuartet
  • 3:31 – How It Works / The Process
  • 10:29 – Common types of cameras involved
  • 11:14 – Pricing
  • 18:56 – Common types of corrupt files
  • 23:04 – How video data is stored on cards or disks
  • 25:36 – Types of media that can be recovered
  • 28:18 – Audio only files
  • 31:20 – Tips to avoid problems in the future
  • 39:43 – Canon EOS issue / bit flipping
  • 41:57 – Counterfeit cards
  • 44:38 – How AeroQuartet got started

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How It Works




Go to and download their free diagnostics and preview software called Treasured



The software scans your card or disk and finds your corrupt video file(s).



AeroQuartet will analyze the test files you found and will deliver a free custom repair kit software online to recover that exact type of file.



With the repair kit, you will be able to see the recovered footage with a watermark. Decide which clips you want to repair and AeroQuartet will let you know the cost.

Cameras and Data Repaired


  • ARRI
  • Android
  • Blackmagic
  • Canon
  • ContourHD
  • Drift
  • Flip
  • GoPro
  • iPhone
  • JVC
  • Kodak
  • Nikon
  • Panasonic
  • PhotoBooth
  • Samsung
  • Sanyo
  • Sony
  • Wirecast


  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • ALAC
  • AVC
  • Intra


  • 3GP
  • AIFF
  • ASF
  • AVI
  • Matroska
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPEG
  • MTS
  • MXF
  • R3D
  • VOB
  • WAV


At the time this video interview took place, the average cost for video recovery ranges between $99 to $799 but some situations can be more expensive. Visit AeroQuartet’s Pricing Page to see more details about data recovery.

Tips To Avoid Damaged Video Files in the Future

  • Avoid using the newest cameras until the firmware has been proven and up to date after a few months on the market
  • Use a fast enough card for your type of camera/video format
  • Avoid recording to hard drives that are almost full / Disk fragmentation
  • Verify all files with software or manually check the first, middle, and last file of each card
  • Avoid low-level or full format. Basic (fast) format recommended
  • How to avoid counterfeit cards on the market. If you believe you have a counterfeit card, you can check the real size with this tool