For Wedding Filmmakers

This is a short video snippet from an audio workshop I gave in New Jersey back in 2012. In this clip, I discuss how to capture the best audio at wedding ceremonies when wired mics are used. Sometimes wired mics are used during reception speeches as well. If this is the case, you can use the same technique in this video.

Have you ever encountered a really small & cheap looking PA system setup for the ceremony audio? I encounter this even at the most prestigious wedding venues in the country and it hit me one day… I used a mic splitter for years when I used to play keyboards in a rock band and I use to have my microphone go into my splitter and split the signal to my monitor and the sound engineer for the main speakers.

The Mic Splitter

This is an IMP Mic Splitter which you can purchase for under $100. There’s an XLR input for the microphone and then on the other side, there are two XLR outputs.

How To Hack The Sound System

You’ll need 2-3 additional XLR cables to complete the process.

  1. Unplug the mic cable from the venue’s microphone and plug it into one of the outputs of your splitter. This connection is already connected to the PA
  2. Plug one XLR into the input of the splitter and connect the other end to the microphone on the mic stand.
  3. Connect another XLR cable from the other splitter output to the input of your field recorder.

Music Licensing

“Superhero” by Chase K

Tech Stuff

  • IMP Mic Splitter
  • Shure SM85
  • Field Recorder