We created a list of the most influential wedding videographers in the world (in no particular order). This list was the result of weeks of research, multiple facebook polls on active wedding video facebook forums, & personally asking many peers in the industry. Studying this top-shelf list of creators will help any filmmaker elevate their craft.

Ray Roman Films | Ray Roman

Ray Roman Films: rayromanfilms.com/
Ray Roman Workshops: https://www.rayromanworkshop.com/

Ray Roman is probably regarded as the most epic wedding filmmakers in the world. His films play like major Hollywood pictures. His clientele includes NBA All-Stars Chris Bosh and Rip Hamilton, NFL All-Pros DeMarco Murray, Brian Dawkins, Chris Hope, Devin Hester, Lamar Miller, F1 Racing Champion Nico Rosberg, Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’Oir’s Wedding (The Mane Event) and the highly publicized $30 million redwood forest nuptials of social media mogul Sean Parker. Anyone who wishes to learn from Ray has the advantage of taking one of his workshops which he regularly gives every year in select locations around the world.

FilmStrong Wedding Films | Matt Johnson

Website: filmstrong.com
Education: whoismatt.com

Many of you may know him as WhoIsMatt. Not only are Matt’s films produced beautifully, he also regularly shares his knowledge and techniques on one of the most popular youtube channels in the world for wedding filmmaking. Subscribing to his youtube channel is a must for anyone looking to grow their craft. Matt may be the most influential wedding film Youtuber in the world. In addition to his education, Matt is very active on professional facebook forums helping fellow filmmakers with questions and advice. When asked “who is the most influential wedding filmmaker to you” on facebook forums, we tallied up the votes and Matt came in at #1.

White In Revery began 6 years ago in the sunny little city of Orlando, FL. Calen and Kristine picked up a camera and quickly fell in love with filmmaking, especially with weddings because of how passionate they were about love, relationships, friendships, and family. Years later, they packed up and moved to Colorado, where they met Colton and Levi. White in Revery’s films are consistently shared and admired by other wedding videographers around the world. This company’s unique style and skillsets are a force to reckon with in the wedding filmmaking world.

Fiore Films | Sharrone Calafiore

Website: fiorefilms.net

Fiore Films has gained legendary status through its peers.  A “Fiore Film” has become a well-known adjective in the wedding world. There is simply no other company like them in the world. Sharrone Calafiore delivers nothing less than perfection & attention to every detail in the films that she makes. Many people have said, “once you’ve seen a Fiore Film, you just want to quit wedding filmmaking.” What makes it worse is that Sharrone is one of the sweetest people on earth (and one of the funniest). Some of the most important elements that make her films so sexy and emotional are composition, music, pacing, and color.

Pen Weddings | Sarah and Rick Pendergraft

Website: penweddings.com
Education: weddingfilmretreat.com

Pen Weddings has been one of the top wedding film companies for many years. They may hold the record for the most stolen work in the industry which is quite an accomplishment. If that many people are stealing your work to put on their own website, it is a flattering problem to have. Sarah and Rick have mastered the art of storytelling on a level most wedding videographers would dream of. By using artistic visual shots combined with creative interviewing techniques, Pen Weddings is in a league of its own. Sarah and Rick share their teachings regularly at national conferences and their own Wedding Film Retreat workshop.

Sculpting With Time | Alex & Whitney Douglas

Website: sculptingwithtime.com
Mentoring: sculptingwithtime.com/filmmakers-mentoring

Sculpting With Time is an Emmy award-winning film studio. Their weddings have been featured in People, Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings and Grace Ormonde among others. Their commercial and documentary films have been featured on CNN, HBO and Rangefinder Magazine. In 2019 Alex and Whitney were awarded the highest honor awarded at WPPI across both photo and film categories, the Bill Hurter Excellence Award. This is the first time in history that a wedding filmmaker has won this award, commonly won by photographers.

Jason Magbanua

Website: jasonmagbanua.com
Workshops: jasonmagbanua.com/blog/learn

Jason was the first known wedding filmmaker to edit a same-day-edit at a higher caliber than any highlight film or trailer from any other company during a 2006 world competition at the WEVA conference. The fact that he pulled this off on the same day was legendary. His creativeness with framing and color changed the game for the industry. Based in the Philipines, Jason has a slew of international awards, and hundreds of clients singing his praises. Jason is one of the humblest and nicest people on this list.

The Film Poets | Matt and Pacey Harris

Website: thefilmpoets.com

The Film Poets are a husband and wife team who have over 3 million views and featured on Today, ABC, FOX, Huffington Post Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings, and more. Film Poets films get shared regularly on social media by filmmakers because they are in awe of the craftsmanship & storytelling. You can easily see that every shot chosen is well thought out during the editing process. The attention to detail in audio, color, framing, lighting, and storytelling puts these guys at the top of their game.

Pacific Pictures | Kevin Shahinian

Website: pacificpictures.net
Education: pacificpictures.net/workshops

Pacific Pictures gained celebrity status from its peer filmmakers over 10 years ago when Kevin Shahinian (founder of Pacific Pictures) premiered his ground-breaking wedding concept film called “Sno”. Years later he followed this up with the premiere of his concept film City of Lakes, which was featured at Canon USA at CES in Las Vegas along with Hollywood and TV directors, where it brought down the house at a Las Vegas movie theater attended by Hollywood filmmakers. I was there when the Hollywood vets had him cornered after the premiere asking how he pulled focus without a focus puller. This was when Canon 5Dmk2 and 7D were at the top of the world. Today, Pacific Pictures is hired to travel the world specializing in luxury South Asian wedding cinematography. If you want to study South Asian wedding films on the ultimate level, Kevin Shahinian is the master.

Maru Films

English Website: marufilms.com/en/
Nederlands Website: marufilms.com
Education: marufilms.com/en/wedding-film-workshop
Purchase their LUTS: marufilms.com/en/luts

Maru films is in the business of emotions. Their goal is beyond having you watch the film, it’s about feeling the film. When watching a Maru film, it’s obvious that their attention to detail with color, music, pacing, sound design, composition, lighting, audio, and storytelling are in a league of their own. Their films take on an organic & floating journey that captures human story like noone else.

Bob Nicolas

Website: bobnicolas.com

Based in the Philippines, Bob’s style has influenced many wedding filmmakers over the years with his unique signature look. Once you start playing a Bob Nicolas film, it’s almost impossible to click away. The way he visually and audibly paints an emotional story is breathtaking. As early as the age of twelve, Bob was trained to document weddings and other special events through videography. Soon after, he learned the art of photography also. This background in both formats serves him well today as evident by his top-notch camerawork and scene framing. Being self-taught and having no formal training whatsoever worked to his advantage, as Bob was able to develop his own unique style of editing.

Forestry Films

Website: forestryfilms.com

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds of watching a Forestry Film before you realize the level of composition, lighting, and color in their stories are well above the rest. They focus on clients who love adventure. As stated in their branding, “We are dreamers, adventurers, and storytellers. To us the destination is just as important as the journey it takes to get there.” Forestry Films has inspired countless fellow filmmakers to take it to the next level.

Dax Victorino Films | Dax and Pao

Website: daxvictorinofilms.com

Dax Victorino Films is as unique as they come.  These cinematic wedding filmmakers tie adventure & heart into every wedding film they produce. Dax and Pao have mastered the art of wedding videography to a level that most others will never reach. They use their superpowers along with photography, music, and graphic design to create masterpieces. 

No Longer Filming Weddings


Parker Walbeck Productions

English Website: parkerwalbeck.com
Education: fulltimefilmmaker.com
Education: coursecreatorpro.com

Although Parker doesn’t have any wedding films on Youtube more current than 2017, he is considered a highly influential filmmaker to wedding videographers around the world. Parker has an endless collection of tutorials and tips on his youtube channels where he teaches his techniques to his fanbase (as of June 2019 he has over 623K subscribers).  He runs an online film school called Full Time Filmmaker where he helps filmmakers/videographers from around the world, develop their filmmaking and business skills. He worked with Devinsupertramp for 3 years as a director, cinematographer, and editor.

We’d love to hear who your influencers are in the comment section. If you have any additional information on this list or see any errors, please add in the comments. 

(Disclaimer: There is no factual evidence that these are the best wedding filmmakers in the world. This is a list created by Select Music Library that recognizes influential wedding filmmakers from around the world.)