Check out this video packed with 20 royalty free music tracks used in wedding videos. These are real wedding video excerpts featuring songs that range from slow, medium, fast plus different genres like pop vocal, cinematic, ambient, etc. Some songs are instrumentals and some songs have vocals (which have instrumentals available too). All songs are available on Select Music Library with affordable subscription plans.

Here are the songs featured in this video:

00:00 – Come What May by AllredAcoustic, Folk, Rustic

00:25 – Owl Song by Me and the CityRock, Pop, Upbeat

00:46 – Heartland by Robby EarleBallad, Pop

01:13 – Anthem of India by Matthew L. FisherSouth Asian, Pop

01:41 – Don’t Wake Me Up by Josh LeakeCinematic, Piano

02:09 – Kids by Saints of ValoryPop Rock, Upbeat

02:34 – Castle Road by Ryan PetersBallad, Pop

03:02 – Now or Never by MillennialPop, Rock, Upbeat, Dance

03:24 – Baby Steps by Michael OttossonCinematicAmbient

03:53 – Long Way Around by Robby EarlePop

04:44 – Two By Two by JD EicherPop

05:32 – Follow You by Sebastian JamesPop, Acoustic

06:13 – Blue Eyes by Bailey JehlAcoustic, Pop, Ballad

07:05 – Summer Love by Workday ReleaseAcoustic, Pop

07:36 – My Life With You by Ryan StarBallad, Pop, Rock

08:11 – When Our Feet Leave The Ground by Matthew L. FisherCinematic, BuildingAmbient

08:42 – Arc by Josh LeakeCinematic, BuildingAmbient

09:42 – Electric Love by Bryce MerrittDance, Pop, Upbeat

10:21 – Awake by Michael OttossonCinematic, Ambient

11:42 – Dreamers by MillennialPop, Upbeat, Rock


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