The Workday Release

The Workday Release is a solo pop / alternative project created by David Ottestad. Considering the complexity of his last name, Ottestad (pronounced “aw-test-add") decided to write and release music under the band name The Workday Release. He wrote and released his first album To the Beginning while attending BIOLA University in 2009. To the Beginning consisted of different variations of pop music, however, it was the acoustic song “Love in a Box" that gave The Workday Release momentum and a dedicated fan base. In 2009, Ottestad released a record under the side-project band name The Wandering Tree titled Farther from Familiar. This record, written in collaboration with the other members of the band, consisted of ambient, rock music. The Wandering Tree played a few shows before disbanding in 2010. In 2011, Ottestad released a new acoustic EP for The Workday Release titled Simple Distance and is currently working on a full-length.

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