The Red Leslies

The Red Leslies formed in 2015, sparked by the members’ shared love of Art, Classic Records, and Iconic songwriters like Buddy Holly, Lou Reed, and Lennon/McCartney. They’ve been performing for the last three years everywhere from rowdy house parties, to empty swimming pools filled with skaters, to renowned Southern California venues like the Observatory OC, Marty’s On Newport, and The Continental Room. They will release their debut record In White in March 2019. Core members Luis Sanchez and Adrian Martinez rehearsed tirelessly for six months straight to write and arrange the songs, all the while working multiple late-night jobs to fund the recording. The result is a raw, triumphant burst of guitar driven energy reminiscent of bands like T. Rex, The Strokes, and Jet. The first single, Staring At The Wall sets the stage perfectly with its raw, anthemic tone.

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