Miles Hardt

When his six-year relationship fell apart, 25 year-old singer-songwriter Miles Hardt's life brought him face to face with an emotional crisis and at a cross road with his own sobriety. After witnessing members in his own family struggle and even die from substance abuse, he knew he was in a fight between numbing the pain and diving head into its depth. The loss of his stable relationship brought him to a dark and dangerous place; a place where in the process, you find out what you’re made of. He had fallen into a deep depression and was rapidly feeling his two years of sobriety begin to slip away, so Hardt made a decision to write every day and night using the songwriting process as a form of medicine. Rather than getting drunk and high until he couldn’t feel, he poured everything he had into creating his debut record, “Medicinal.” With his upcoming debut record, "Medicinal," the Los Angeles native taps into the most brutally honest and genuine place he's ever reached as a writer and performing artist. While the recordings were born from pain they are mysteriously upbeat and tap into feelings we have all shared. On his debut single, “Long Ago,” Hardt writes from a place of hope as he, “imagines her listening and remembers how amazing the love we had was.” This album saved his life, and he hopes it can have just as strong an impact on others.

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