Matthew L. Fisher

Matthew L. Fisher is an award winning composer for films, games and television. He also produces his own full length solo piano and instrumental albums, which have gained worldwide recognition. He has been involved in a wide variety of different projects ranging from intense scores to soft and subdued music. Matthew learned to compose music by ear when he was in high school after being inspired by the music of Hans Zimmer. It was at that moment he knew he wanted to impact people by creating his own music. Since then he has used film scores as his inspiration. He carefully listened to orchestras and film score music and over time developed an understanding of how every element works together to create the beautiful sound of music. Using film scores and his ears, over time he was able to create his own sound. Matthew has chosen a path to compose by feeling and emotions rather than reading and writing notes on paper. Matthew feels that this approach gives him a unique perspective on the composing process and allows him to make something truly unique that will stand out among the rest. Matthew continues to work tirelessly to provide music that will bring the character and life that films, games and media deserve.

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