Matt Cranstoun

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Matt Cranstoun is known for the commanding effect he has on an audience using only his words, voice and guitar. At times his music evokes a cathartic gospel show, while others, a quiet and intimate look into the songwriter’s psyche. Cranstoun's music is charged by the roots of folk and soul, in which every word--- whether whispered or howled-- expresses as much urgency as the next. With the release of his upcoming sophomore independent effort The Last Drop of Color (11/19), Cranstoun mixes the acoustic with the synthesized, displays versatile atmospheres and instrumentation, and achieves the balanced blend of styles that have inspired him, from the immortal worlds of classic soul and folk, to modern groove, funk and rock. His emotionally charged voice and lyrics lead the way throughout the broad spectrum of sound and genre that The Last Drop of Color brings.

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