Mary McAvoy

The boston-based artist’s latest effort was born from disillusionment with everything from the broken mental health system to her own musical career. Grappling with family crises, self care, and treading water artistically, mary threw herself into the studio. “I used songwriting as a way to make sense of the extreme emotional complexities of watching a loved one battle severe mental illness. Prioritizing my own mental wellbeing was a struggle but music has always been my healer.” Mary’s new songs are more focused on the sonic landscape, Deftly utilizing production elements to elicit the right feeling. She paints her raw emotion with atmospheric synths, ethereal vocal layers, hip hop beats, colorful arpeggios, and well-timed notes of her big-soul range. The intent behind her music centers around her desire to help her listeners feel connected to each other. Mary seeks to validate individual strife with a feeling of togetherness.

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