Mark Ambrosino

As a drummer, Mark has performed and toured with artists such as Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, Michael Bolton, Olivia Newton John and many others. In 1995, Mark opened his own recording studio in New York City, The Madhouse ( Of the over 250 full length records recorded there, Mark has engineered and produced more than half and played on almost all of them. In 2006, Mark co-founded Sojourn Records, an independent label based in Brooklyn NY. Sojourn now has twenty three artists on its roster, distributes to over 75 countries worldwide and has just released it’s fifty-fifth record. In recent years, Mark has been writing songs for more and more artists as well as composing for film and TV. His latest film project, entitled “California Typewriter”, features Tom Hanks, Sam Shepard, David McCullough, John Mayer and many others.

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