Marco Martini is a composer based in Tuscany, Italy. Versed in multiple music composition, arrangement specializing in orchestral symphonic, intimist piano and cinematic atmospheres. His goal is to always exceed the expectations of the modern sohpisticated music lover and producer. 100% of his themes are created with the sole purpose of enhancing audiovisual productions. Music and image are the binomial with which discovers his own freedom of expression. Filmmaker and musician, with a passion for sharing, he delights himself in telling what each of us has of important to extrapolate and share from our everyday mechanisms. He defines himself as an 'evolved lover', convinced that the only difference between musician and listener is the technical skill with which one performs, but both elaborate the same frequencies in their own ears and hearts, occasionally with different visions. Recondite and intimate meditations of a piece of life are the backbones of his musical imprinting, that gives the listener the creative possibility of erecting a moment's structure in his own imagination. A curious pioneer, an evolved enthusiast, allergic to be labeled and uninterested in the definition of his music genre.

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