Katrina Stone

While the independent music scene in Los Angeles is vast and daunting, there are, on occasion, acts that break through the noise to prove their relevance as music moguls in the making. Katrina Stone is one of those rare talents. She has has been lauded on an international scale through scoring brand endorsements, performing on national stages like the Warped Tour, and even earning critical praise for her songwriting that can be heard in advertisements around the world. The infectious pop track Never Wanna Grow Up has been attracting national attention with licensing placements with Wayfair, Hulu, Apple, Pez, and many more. "It's been really fun to branch out and do anything I want. The joy of being an artist that also writes and produces is that I can actually take a concept all the way from my head to iTunes, just how I want it,” adds Katrina. Teaming up with Benj Heard from BHeard Music and a plethora or world class writers and instrumentalists, Katrina has pushed the envelope of musical genres in recent years. "I like folk. I like jazz. Ilike disco and pop. I don't think I could adhere to anyone label or style," exclaims Stone. "I want to be a testament to other artists to take control of your career and work hard. Things will happen, just keep moving forward and make great music." And that she's done. Fusing the lyrical sensibility of the singer/songwriter genre with never-ending infectious pop hooks, her retro-tinted pop tunesare sure to keep you smiling

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