J-Rob MD was born in a mask and scrubs. The bright flashing lights of hospital hallways nurtured his inquiring mind while its constant noises inspired the sounds that he would later create. As he grew, J-Rob learned how to operate on music fans with surgical precision, replacing tired dance tracks with fresh genre-bending earworms. Now that he has mastered his craft, J-Rob MD is ready to put the world on his operating table and take away their pain. 

J-Rob MD’s debut EP “High Fives and Thumbs Ups” encompasses all that he wishes to achieve. He dives into the tropical pop-laden opening of “Next Party Anthem”, then moves through the decades of rock-and-roll decadence while blending styles seamlessly. The song goes on to describe the ever-changing American pop culture, before J-Rob MD lays claim to being next up on the throne. He very well may be, as he follows with “Die on the Dance Floor”, a rock inspired dance track about two terminally ill lesbian lovers caught in a time warp between reality and eternal paradise; a song clearly inspired by the Emmy Award-winning Black Mirror episode “San Junipero.” The final song “Young Love” has a modern electro house feel, as it seems to question the very youth that J-Rob MD celebrates throughout his debut EP. 

J-Rob MD’s true identity remains unknown, although his slick blend of genre-bending dance pop may very well be just what the doctor ordered.

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