Ilya Truhanov

Ilya Truhanov is an award winning composer and acoustic guitarist based in Moscow Russia. He has a career that has spanned over a decade with many awards and accolades that recognize his tasteful songwriting. Many publications such as Music Box, In/Out, Guitarist, and others editorials have responded to his music with rapturous praise over the years. He writes acoustic guitar music in all genres which include Classical, Jazz, Latin, Country, and French Chanson. The acoustic guitar sits as the centrepiece of his work and a sparing accompaniment contributes to a distinct sense of intimacy and authenticity. With an extensive career as a professional musician, Ilya’s wealth of experience and dexterity shines through in all of his pieces. 7 CD’s with original music, the winner of several international guitar competitions, his music sounds in films and advertising all over the world.

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