Eli Lieb

Eli Lieb is an American pop singer and songwriter. He released a debut solo album in 2011 and was soon featured in US Weekly, Out and other national publications. With a growing fan base, Eli once again turned his focus on his own songwriting. In 2013, Eli decided to go to Los Angeles for a few weeks to work with other writers and further his career. A two-week trip then became a relocation. Since Eli’s arrival in Los Angeles in 2013, he has collaborated with artists, writers, and producers including Adam Lambert, Cheyenne Jackson, Hey Violet, Laura Marano, Forever In Your Mind, John Feldmann, Simon Wilcox, Crystal Bowersox, and Stacy Jones. He was even featured in the 2014 Grammy Awards during the presentation of nominees for Best Pop Vocal Album. In July of 2013, Eli released his original song “Young Love.” Music blog Idolator called it “an instantly catchy, uplifting pop/rock anthem that sounds like a cross between Katy Perry and Bruce Springsteen.” The song’s theme was a bit of an autobiographical story of a young man coming out. The song and the video struck a chord with many people, thanks to both its instantly catchy pop hook and the message of being proud of who you are. Within a year, Eli’s “Young Love” garnered over two million YouTube views. In October of 2013, Eli was inspired to record a cover of “Wrecking Ball” after hearing it only once. He recorded an acoustic version with just his voice and a lap dulcimer. Within two hours of posting it online, it went viral and was promoted in social media by singers Lambert and Lucy Hale, and celebrities Rosie O’Donnell and Bob Harper. Eli once again received immediate press support, appearing on CBS OMG Insider twice, What’s Trending and other shows. Eli’s cover of “Wrecking Ball” reached one million views in under a week. And in less than a year, the video has been viewed over three million times. Thanks to his growing popularity, Eli was approached by the Leo Burnett advertising agency to write an original song for Allstate Insurance’s #OutHoldingHands campaign. Eli wrote a song called “Safe in My Hands” that accompanies an animated short film of the same name that was released in June 2014. The song and a dance remix are both available on allstate.com/lgbt. The feeling and message of the song got the attention of the producers of ABC Family’s, The Fosters, where it was featured as the closing song for the second season finale. With over 30 Million YouTube views, and verified status on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, his personal interaction and presence as an independent artist is one that keeps him moving forward. Eli is a lifelong practitioner of transcendental meditation, which he credits with giving him a sense of awareness and spirituality that has helped keep him grounded while creating honest music. He’s worked with the David Lynch Foundation to promote the transcendental meditation movement.

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