Colin & Caroline

Colin Healy and Caroline Mauck grew up with a foundation and love for music which helped to drive their passions as musicians. Colin and Caroline attended high school together, and after years of pursuing music in different directions, they were reconnected at a local spot in their hometown. They collaborated on several covers, adding their own unique spin and turning them into duets. From there, they began co-writing original songs and growing together as singer-songwriters and performers. The two also grew together in other ways as well, realizing they had fallen in love in the midst of it. What started as two individual solo artists, has since emerged the Acoustic-Folk duo of "Colin & Caroline". Colin & Caroline's heart-warming harmonies, original lyrics and songwriting, and blend of creative covers first grabbed the attention of many in Central Virginia, and has since expanded to global platforms. Their song More Than Gravity was featured in the 2017 Netflix original series "13 Reasons Why", and has continued to spread their presence to new audiences. Colin & Caroline look forward to releasing their first original 5-song EP "Wish I Was" this Summer, and are excited to see where the journey will lead next.

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