Bruno Merz

Bruno Merz grew up in New Zealand to Dutch parents. Around the age of twenty, possessing only a cheap guitar, he travelled through France working on farms for food and pocket money, until he eventually found his way to Amsterdam. There he worked a number of jobs and recorded his first album of demos written during his travels, called ‘Through Darkness into Day’. As word quickly began to spread and demand for shows grew, what began as a cathartic hobby had to be viewed more seriously and he recorded his first EP entitled ‘Departing from Crowds’ in 2009. Full length album ‘Highways’ was released in 2014 to great reviews. The single “Emmeline” recieved millions plays on Spotify in the months following the release with well over 300,000 listeners per month. He has also composed music for a 40 minute children's ballet for Northern Ballet and written other compositions for dance. Bruno moved to Canada in 2018 after living in the UK for 10 years.

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