About Select Music Library



Select Music was just an idea for many years. On October of 2016, A partnership was formed between Carmine Giglio and Adam Forgione to create a music library that would only represent select tracks from some of the best unknown artists in the world. Carmine & Adam have known each other since the early 90’s when they both played music in the New York coverband circuit in their late teens.

By the mid 2000’s, Adam had transitioned his career from professional musician / composer to wedding and commercial filmmaker while Carmine continued growing his career as a pro musician earning his way onto broadway and playing with such prestigious artists like Billy Joel, LeAnn Rimes, Alexa Ray, and many more.

Adam had always understood the frustration of spending hours or days looking for the right music for each production and they both knew the struggles of making a living as a musician. If there was a way to connect both filmmaker and musician and find a mutual partnership that would help both sides solve their problems, Select Music would be the answer.

SM’s mission is built around helping filmmakers and musicians equally and understanding that both sides need a genuine company to listen and fulfill their needs.


Adam is regarded as one of the top event filmmakers in the world. He is the owner of Pennylane Weddings (luxury wedding films) and Pennylane Marketing (video marketing).

Accolades include 19 international creative excellence awards from WEVA, Top 25 filmmaker in the world by EventDV Magazine, director for Canon USA films. He has done speaking engagements all over the world for WPPI, Masters In Motion, CES, NAB, Storytelling Unleashed, WEVA, and his exclusive private workshops. Before his filmmaking career he was a professional keyboardist and composer. He’s played with Ritchie Blackmore, (DeepPurple, Rainbow), Ninedays, Kid Gloves. In addition he has produced rock albums and composed music for cartoons and TV shows.


Carmine is a graduate of the prestigious Manhattan School of Music.
He has performed and/or recorded with critically-acclaimed artists such as Billy Joel, LeAnn Rimes, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Ritchie Blackmore, Carly Simon, Alexa Ray Joel, Joe Lynn Turner, Jill Gioia, Nine Days, American Young Voices, Greg Raposo, Sasha Lazard, O'2L, JIVE Jones.

In addition, Carmine is no stranger to the prestigious broadway scene playing in the pit on award-winning shows such as The Lion King, Billy Joel's Movin' Out, and In The Heights.